Dentistry’s role in the management of sleep and TMJ disorders

BDA, London, Saturday 11th March 2017

The second day held at the BDA was an incredibly good day, full of information and very interactive.

It was a great shame that Aditi couldn’t join us due to illness, but Mayoor Patel rose to the occasion and delivered the whole day’s programme magnificently.

We had 12 delegates, which enabled a remarkable degree of instructive communication.

The first part was spent going through anatomy and neuroanatomy, and realising how much we had forgotten! But because Mayoor showed how each nerve, blood vessel, foramen and bony protuberance related to DSM, it was intensely interesting.

Mayoor went on to carry out an examination, taking us through the 12 cranial nerves, and showing us what else to look for during the examination, and the hidden clues in the Medical History. He gave us all the little tips and tricks that you only get by going to a live course, and as there were several experienced GDPs present, we all got to gain from their knowledge as well.

We covered the aetiology of TMD, of which there are many: and if you get that right, then most TMD can be treated very successfully. Mayoor went into the correlation of bruxism, snoring/OSA and TMD, something that was new to a lot of us.

It suddenly made sense why we, as the BSDSM, are expanding into including the TMD and craniofacial pain.

The BSDSM will be having these two day gatherings meetings twice a year, one in the Spring, and one in the Autumn (the 3/4th of November 2017). If you can, do come to all days, as we absolutely guarantee that you will come away buzzing; you will hear inspirational speakers, who always find a different twist to put on this remarkable branch of dentistry.