Annual members’ day

  •  24/09/2016
     8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The day will start with an introduction and case presentation by the President,  Dr Aditi Desai.
There will be an opportunity to meet our several sponsors who will have an opportunity to present their products to the delegates.

Programme and speakers:

Aditi Desai

(President, BSDSM)

Introduction and case study presentation

Mayoor Patel

(Clinical Director, Nierman Practice Management, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) has a practice limited to dental sleep medicine and for the first time in the UK will be presenting on: Temporomandibular Joint Disfunction (TMD) Craniofacial Pain (CFP) and Sleep Bruxism (SB)

  1. Managing common side effects associated with Oral appliance therapy – get a better understanding of common pain and side effects that occur with wearing an oral applinace to manage OSA. Learn to identify such conditions and format a treatment plan to manage them.
  2. Present understanding of sleep bruxism –  with current research is there an association with sleep bruxism and sleep apnea.
  3. Orofacial Pain and Sleep – understand the effect of orofacial pain on sleep and poor sleep on pain.
  4. Basic understanding of common orofacial pain conditions – understand signs and symptoms and its correlation to orofacial pian conditions. Have a foundational knowledge on being able to recognize and diagnose such conditions.

Wahab Dhemech

(Head of Sleep Physiology, London Sleep Centre | BSDSM Board member) will introduce:
Sleep testing and its’ applications including guidelines on the use of home sleep tests

Tim Quinnell

(Consultant in Respiratory and Sleep Disorders, Cambridge | BSDSM Board Member ) will discuss:

A respirologist’s view on the role of dentists in sleep medicine

Panel discussion

New protocols and guidelines that may have been introduced in the last year

We encourage our members to bring cases for discussion. Any member who wishes to present a case, or an idea should contact the President, Dr Aditi Desai on in order to plan this in the day’s schedule.


The day will end with an AGM and we would like to see as many members as possible to attend this excellent day which was a huge success last year.


Venue Phone: 020 7247 3313

Venue Website:

Arbor City Hotel, 12-20 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TE, United Kingdom

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