Sleep disorders: dental and medical approaches

  • 12/11/2018
    8:30 am - 5:15 pm

Event Phone: 02072903948

Date Monday 12 November 2018
Venue Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
Organised by Odontology Section , British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine
Accreditation CPD – Applied for

About this event

Management of sleep disorders, especially sleep-disordered breathing, is multifunctional and medical and dental professionals must work together to offer the best treatment possible for the patient. 

The aim of this meeting is to provide a comprehensive overview of the management of sleep-related breathing disorders, highlighting in particular the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach to care. 

Topics covered

  • The role sleep plays and importance of sleep disruption on the circadian rhythm 
  • The association of disrupted circadian rhythm on mood, subjective wellbeing and cognitive function 
  • An overview of established and emerging treatment modalities in obstructive sleep apnoea 
  • The role of airway evaluation and surgical interventions in sleep-related breathing disorders  
  • An overview of the role of mandibular advancement appliances in managing sleep-related breathing disorders 
  • The importance of a multidisciplinary care pathway and its application in dental sleep medicine 

Key speakers

Dr  Mayoor Patel  –  Dr Patel is a specialist dentist whose practice is limited to the treatment of temporomandibular disorder (TMD), migraines, facial pain, neck pain, sleep apnea and snoring. He is one of the few doctors in the United States that holds degrees, certifications, fellowships and board certifications in these areas.

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