Sleep and pain


This unique webinar brings together experts from two separate faculties, Pain Medicine and Sleep Medicine, to explore the bidirectional link between pain and sleep.

A bad night sleep worsens pain. Many patients attribute poor sleep to the primary pain condition rather than considering distinct and treatable primary sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea or restless legs. Learning how to spot and treat sleep disorders improves outcomes in the pain clinic.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Understand how normal and abnormal sleep is measured and the impacts upon pain
  • Identify common sleep disorders as they may present within the pain clinic
  • Be knowledgeable about impact of treatment of insomnia upon pain outcomes
  • Gain awareness of the impact of pharmacological therapies for pain upon sleep

A CPD certificate with 3 CPD credits will be issued to those joining the webinar live as well as those who watch the recording afterwards. Certificates will be issued 7 days after the webinar to those who watch it live and after 30 days for those that watch the recording. 

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We would like to thank our sponsor UCB Pharma Ltd for their support of this webinar. Please note that the scientific programme and content has not been influenced in any way by the sponsor.

The Andrew Lawson Prize

First prize: £200 and free attendance to a Pain Medicine meeting of your choice.

Open to: All medical students and trainees in pain medicine up to APT level. Submissions from trainees of other specialties will also be accepted.

Submission deadline: 17 July 2020

Application guidelines:

Submit a 3,000-word essay on the topic: Long-term pain, sleep, and pain medications: Vicious circles, or good cycles? The winner will be required to present their essay at a Pain Medicine meeting. To find out more or to submit your essay, click here.