Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions and the content of membership packages are subject to variation from time to
time. Variations will be notified on our website and the latest version of these Terms and Conditions and
the Membership Definitions will be available.

  1. The BSDSM has different tiers of membership. The current membership packages are listed on the
  2. Your membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st. The membership year lasts for 12 months
    and becomes due for renewal on 31st March. Membership fees will be taken annually via direct debit
    on 1st April.
  3. Since 1st April 2021, BSDSM is now merged with the British Sleep Society and BSDSM Members have
    all the benefits afforded to BSS Members. The fee will be paid to BSS from the BSDSM annual fee on
    each Member’s benefit.
  4. Fully paid-up Members will be listed with BSS in order to be able to avail of discounts to BSS events.
  5. When first joining BSDSM we request a full years membership of £200, this is to allow you access to all BSDSM resources and a free ticket to members day. On the second year of membership, which will commence on April 1, you will be given a pro-rata discount depending on which quarter you signed up.
    a) 1st April to 30th June: 100% of annual fee will be applicable
    b) 1st July to 30th September: 25% of annual fee will be deducted
    c) 1st October to 31st December: 50% of annual fee will be deducted
    d) 1st January to 31st March: 75% of annual fee will be deducted
  6. In consideration of the value of the resources provided to members at the start of their
    membership, members who initially join within the period 1st June to 31st March, will be
    required to continue their membership for a full membership year when it comes due for
    renewal at the end of March. Cancellation prior to the end of second year is strictly not
  7. We will send you notification of the renewal of your membership for the forthcoming year and the
    relevant fees 1 month prior to renewal date.
  8. Your membership will be continued unless a written cancellation (via recorded letter or email to the
    secretary) is received no later than 10th March.
  9. Changes to your account details can be made by accessing the members-only area of the website
    with your login details which will be emailed to you on registration.
  10. Board members may be co-opted by request of the Board or by election of fully subscribed members
    who have met the commitments outlined below.
  11. Board members must be of good standing and hold at least 2 years of active consecutive
    membership, having attended at least one Members’ Day and able to show evidence of some basic
    level training in Dental Sleep Medicine from a recognised training provider. All board members will
    be expected to attend and actively support BSDSM member events.
  12. If you decide to leave the BSDSM, we would appreciate it if you would tell us why.
  13. The Society may terminate your membership according to the BSDSM Constitution. If membership
    is terminated by expulsion no refund of membership subscriptions will be made.
  14. On cancellation taking effect or on other termination the benefits of membership will cease, and you
    will not be entitled to the benefit after the date of cancellation/termination.
  15. The subscription fees will be subject to annual review and the website updated accordingly.
  16. The BSDSM may, at its discretion, make concessionary rates of membership available from time to
  17. Eligibility for a concession in one membership year does not necessarily imply continuing eligibility
    for future membership years.
  18. The Society may make special offers to encourage member recruitment. These offers may include
    incentives that vary the terms and conditions.
  19. You may, at any time, opt out of receiving communications from the Society, change your contact
    details or email preferences by contacting the BSDSM.
  20. We take your privacy very seriously. The society endeavours to comply with all GDPR guidelines.
    Please review our privacy policy on the BSDSM website.
  21. Members who have attended a BSDSM introductory day will be listed on the BSDSM “find a dentist”
    page on the website. As this listing indicates to the general public dentists who have a current
    knowledge of dental sleep this will only be maintained by attending the Annual Members Day or
    providing evidence of relevant continuing education activity for Board approval.